Yelappa Visser

October 2017 to April 2017

My name is Yelappa Visser. I am a Bal Anand adoptee and grew up in the Netherlands since 1991.
I graduated as Social Worker. After my graduation in 2012 I have volunteered for 3.5 months in Bal Anand, WWTI. After I came back from the volunteering I was asked to joint the Dutch NGO Stichting Welzijn Kinderen van Bal Anand en Umang. I become an ambassador and one of the volunteer coordinators, which is an honour. I support and help new volunteers with their preparations for volunteering at Bal Anand and/or Umang. It gives me a good connection and staying tuned to the progress at Umang.
From October 2017 until April 2017 I became a volunteer for the second time. This time I also wanted to be more focused on Umang where the help is most needed. I am more specialized to work with special children. I worked with all the children- it was really a blessing to know them.
The greatest benefit of my 6 months of the volunteering was that I got more time to build a bond with the residents of Umang. It did not go fast or easy with everybody, so it took time. To many of them I became more accessible for help or questions, but sometimes the attention, presence, smile or joke was enough already.
I also really enjoyed working with the (local) staff, even if we did not always speak the same language we found a way to work and had a great time with them to learn from both sides.
In the period I was at Umang there also another volunteer from the Netherlands. It was nice to spend time together and stay at the volunteer house. It worked out good between us, we spread our work hours so there was one of us at the important moments when there was a need during day time.