Bal Anand, Worldchildren Welfare Trust India was established in February 1984 as a licensed children’s home for children in need of care and protection. Starting with eight children in rented premises in Chembur’s Sindhi Colony, today, Bal Anand nurtures an average of 65 children from 0-18 years in a 5 story building in Ghatla Village, Chembur.

Believing that every child has the right to a family, Bal Anand rehabilitates children without families, first and foremost, by way of adoption. It also takes in children whose families are in distress and nurtures them until they can be restored to their families. Bal Anand also cares for relinquished, abandoned, and orphaned children with special needs who will move to Umang after they turn 18 years. To know more about Bal Anand, visit www.balanandwwti.in.

Agency Code : RIPA/MH/3
Address : 93 Sai Krupa, Ghatla Village, Opposite Marathi Municipal School, Chembur, Mumbai- 400 071, Maharashtra, India.
Contact Person : Asha Gothankar /Mrunalini Shanbhag
Phone Number : +91 22 2520 8395 / +91 22 2520 2262
Office Timings : 10:30 am to 6:30 pm (Monday To Saturday)
Email : balanand@wwti.org



Bal Ashraya, Worldchildren Welfare Trust India is a children’s home that was established in Nagpur in 1987 . At first, Bal Ashraya was adjoining Matru Seva Sangh, Mahal Maternity Home to receive, nurture and rehabilitate children who were free for adoption. It was exclusively for Indian adoptions.

Today, Bal Ashraya is located in other rented premises in Buddha Park, and is a fully-fledged Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA). Over the years, it has gained a stellar reputation in Nagpur for having a dedicated social worker, Pournima, and a team of caretakers who painstakingly nurture each and every child in their care.

Agency Code : MH84SAA
Address : 812 Buddha Nagar,Buddha Park, Indora Square, Nagpur- 440 017, Maharashtra, India.
Contact Person : Pournima Shastrakar
Phone Number : +91 71265 88449/ +91 98504 24520
Office Timings : 10:30 am to 6:30 pm (Monday To Saturday)
Email : balashraya@wwti.org


Bal Uday, Worldchildren Welfare Trust India was established in 1995 as a children’s home in the area of Bhandara, Warthi District. It is a small home run by social worker, Prajakta Pethe, an adoptive parent herself. She was awarded the Shrimati Shakuntala Nargundkar Memorial Award by Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha in Nagpur in February 2017 for her years of selfless service, compassion, and social sensitivity she demonstrates whilst working for children in need.

Agency Code : MH88SAA
Address : Gokul, opposite Satyam Theater, Shivaji Ward near Pingalai Mata Mandir, Shukrawari Road, Bhandara- 441 904, Maharashtra, India.
Contact Person : Prajakta Pethe
Phone Number : +91 98603 16180
Office Timings : 10:30 am to 6:30 pm (Monday To Saturday)
Email : baluday@wwti.org



Umang is a residential home for adults with special needs who grew up as children with developmental disabilities in Bal Anand. It was inaugurated in February 2009 with the first eight residents moving into their ‘forever home’ in March 2010. Today, there are 17 residents living and working together and celebrating all festivals and birthdays as a tight-knit family.

Over the last eight years, Umang has grown from strength to strength, adding many buildings and expanding its farming lands. The residents work according to their abilities and take pride in doing their bit for Umang. To know more about Umang and its residents, visit www.umangwwti.in.

Address : Chauk – Karjat – Murbad Rd, Vanjarwadi, Karjat- 410 201, Maharashtra, India.
Contact Person : Bharat Bamane
Phone Number : +91 86985 61377
Office Timings : 10:30 am to 6:30 pm (Monday To Saturday)
Email : umang@wwti.org