The Trust pays tribute to the following persons for their effort and dedication:

  • First and foremost, Founder Trustees Ms Elizabeth Dusija and the Late Mr Samat, who along with Ms Sulochana Kalro, were the Founder Trustees of Worldchildren Welfare Trust India.
  • Mr Piet Van Der Werf, former Board Member of Wereldkinderen, whose valuable advice and financial support will always be appreciated in the setting up of Bal Anand.
  • Ms Sushila Shivtarkar, former Trustee of WWTI and the former Joint Director of Women and Child Welfare, Government of Maharashtra, who after retirement actively assisted with licensing issues, administration, and day-to-day functioning at Bal Anand.
  • Mr Bas van Ham, Founder Trustee and former Honorary Treasurer of the Stichting Welzijn Kinderen van Bal Anand en Umang, who has supported WWTI since 1986 and advocated for its beneficiaries, especially those most vulnerable with special needs.
  • Dr Vasant Talwalkar, former Trustee of WWTI and former Head of Paediatrics at JJ Hospital, Byculla, who provided essential care and support towards the welfare of Bal Anand children.
  • Mrs Celine Lobo, who provided professional insights towards the setting up of Bal Anand as a social worker.
  • Late Dr Kamal Kare, who was truly dedicated to the children of Bal Anand whom she served.
  • Dr Shalinee Sabnis, former Honorary Treasurer and Trustee of WWTI, who founded Triveni Nursing Home and Worli Hospital for Women and provided essential care and support to the babies of Bal Anand.
  • Mr Rajiv Prakash, former advisor and Trustee of WWTI, who provided his corporate expertise and know-how in the vision, creation and launching of Umang, WWTI.
  • Mrs Sudha Krishnan, former Trustee of WWTI, who first volunteered and then advised the Trust for many years before joining the Board of Trustees herself.


  • To engage in activities concerning child welfare in general, to cover children who are impoverished, uncared for, mistreated, and needy.
  • To provide assistance to children directly through the Trust and indirectly through the other institutions who are engaged in catering to the needs of deprived children and striving for their welfare in the field of health, nutrition, education and recreation.
  • To arrange for sponsorship by giving financial assistance to deserving children undergoing school education, higher education, and/or vocational training.
  • To help families both financially and by way of guidance in rural and urban areas.
  • To establish and maintain children’s institutions to receive abandoned and destitute children and rehabilitate them through adoption, local and international, with priority given to in-country adoptions.
  • To provide shelter and rehabilitative services to girls and women with social problems and/or in moral danger.
  • To raise donations in cash and kind from India and abroad to conduct welfare activities for the welfare of deprived children and their families.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars, and carry out research in the field of child welfare and to publish research papers.
  • To carry out any activity beneficial to children in general.