Sangeeta and Amit Mittal

Our relationship with Bal Anand / Umang stretches back 23 odd years. Sulu (as she is lovingly called) is timid upon first appearance yet a feisty young lady and the spirit behind Bal Anand WWTI and Umang WWTI.

Sulu, with her foresight, recognised the fact that some of the kids at Bal Anand would not find families of their own and due to the laws in the India, on attaining maturity the special needs and differently-abled kids could not continue to stay at Bal Anand after completing 18 years of age. This led to the birth of Umang, a lovely concept farm, set in Karjat where such kids lead a life of respect and dignity as young adults. We would not be surprised if this was a pioneering concept itself.

The young adults are provided vocational training which helps them to keep themselves fruitfully engaged; their creations are sold to corporates as corporate gifts; Umang truly lives up to the name.  All this would not have been possible without the foresight of Sulu, combined with the stellar execution by Sulu’s team to give birth to their vision of Umang into a live functioning institution and aptly giving it the name of Umang.

We are truly blessed to have been given the chance to come into contact with Sulu and the Umang residents during this lifetime.

God bless!