Rajalakshmi Ambady

I have been visiting Bal Anand from time to time to make small donations. I met Ms. Sulu Kalro there and on one of those visits was apprised about Umang. Thus began my relationship with Umang WWTI.

I visited Umang for the first time with Sulu. I did not know what to expect since I had no experience of dealing with persons who have special needs. But everything about Umang – from the compound wall with the cute warli paintings, a smiling Bittoo with a glass of water, the neat rooms, the orderly way in which the inmates had their lunch after a small prayer, the well tended gardens…. I found everything so impressive. It seemed, no, it was a happy home for these children abandoned by their parents and cursed by fate.

Since then, I have got to know the residents very well and have spent quality time with them. It’s always been a wonderful experience. Those who are able to, contribute to the running of the home and each of them is involved in an activity as per their capability. I admire the sincerity of the caregivers, from Sulu to Suresh to Bimla tai. Every effort is being taken to go the extra mile in keeping the differently-abled residents happy, be it celebrating their birthdays, festivals or visits to the beach, malls, or the zoo. One of my happiest memories is from a lunch we laid out for them, one Christmas Eve and singing Christmas carols with them along with two volunteers from the Netherlands.

I wish Sulu and Umang WWTI a bright future and would like to say, keep up the great work.