Marjan Veel

8 December 2017 to 13 December 2017

I was not a formal volunteer but an adoptee parent who visited Umang for a few days with my daughter, Radha. We had a really good time in Umang. I am a professional massage therapist, so for the few days I was there, I gave massages to many residents.
There is already a lot of attention on physical movements through yoga exercises, breathing, and also everyday physiotherapy in the daily routine at Umang. Happy to see that!
I think it is good giving massages to the residents as it will help the residents to have a good immune system, better streamed skin, even more flexibility in legs/arms and greater awareness of the capacity of their body.
That will help them, I’m sure to feel even more accepted and happy in the loving caretaking environment.
I’m impressed by the good care given by the caretakers, manager, volunteers and physiotherapist, and the bond between Sulu and the residents, and also among the residents together.
It was good to see so much synergy between the care already given to the residences- like prayer, yoga and exercises. That made the effect of the massages even more.
I feel grateful to see that Umang is a good place.