Lisa Khoe

24 November 2017 to 19 February 2018

Umang as my home beyond a home.
Thinking about Umang and life at Umang, hundreds of things come into my mind. All of these thoughts come together with strong feelings; feelings of security, acceptance, warmth, peacefulness, happiness, joy and love. Working at Umang can be a lot and it definitely gives you some real big challenges to deal with. As a person you need to have an open minded attitude, a healthy confidence, a positive mindset and an eagerness to teach and learn. It is no ‘piece of cake’ and you got to put in some effort, but with all those beautiful things around you (read; the specially abled residents, hard working and enormously kind staff, umangs location and surroundings) there’s not a way someone will not love Umang.
My time at Umang gave me the opportunity to be a part of the family, it gave me a new home beyond a home. Not a day has passed where I didn’t go ‘home’ without a smile on my face. All I can say for the future is that I honestly hope the residents and staff will keep on being the lovely, kind and strong people they are. You have made Umang to what it is today. I am proud to say I got the chance combine my knowledge, experience, openness and care with this piece of work in progress. A piece of work that has already come so far and still is an oasis for growth and development!
The working, culture, challenges, lots of moments of happiness and personal development combined with all said above made my Umang experience a really special one never to forget.
Dear Umang,