Hester de Kok

24 November 2017 to 19 February 2018

Umang, a home beyond a home.
This is so true! For me as well as for the residents! We got a warm welcome when we came in, but it went on throughout our stay! Everybody made me feel at home, the residents and the caretakers. We were able to work together with the caretakers, teaching them some new habits, but also learning from them. About Indian culture and life at Umang.
During my time at Umang, I have been counseling two Girls one-on-one and one girl together with Lisa, the other volunteer. They enjoy the attention once a week and I see that they are starting to use it for talking about the things that are on their mind. Next to that I have been massaging a few of the residents a few times a week. Also when the nurse is not here, I help with the therapy of the female residents. Together with Lisa, we have been giving workshops to the caretakers regarding handling the residents and their difficulties.
On some occasions Lisa and I have prepared a meal for all residents and staff and every friday we baked a cake with two of the residents, which we ate on saturday with all the residents and staff.
What I love about Umang is the gratitude of everybody. They really love living at Umang and are happy with every small present or special thing like eating cake with the tea or cheese sandwiches for diner. Time went so fast while living at Umang, three months over too quickly.
I miss Umang and everybody living and working here, while travelling further and going home after that. Thanks for having me!