Chriske and Marga van Barneveld

May 2016 to June 2016

The first time when I was in India in 2005, my parents adopted my sister from BalAnand. When we were there we saw the land area of ​​Umang. In 2012, when I was seventeen years old, I visited India again to do volunteering work in a hospital in Madurai. I also visited Bal Anand and Umang that time. It was special to see the development of Umang, from just an area full of dust to a beautiful building complex. In May 2016, I went to India for a third time to volunteer at Umang with my mother, Marga.
It was very special for us to work at Umang. The residents have stolen our hearts. Every morning we helped the residents with the morning ritual. In the afternoon we helped the residents with their duties. My mother tried to give speech therapy and I helped some residents with math. In the evening there was time for watching TV and laughing a lot. We also took the residents to a swimming pool with a lunch, it was great to see everyone enjoying. It was sometimes difficult to experience the cultural differences. We hope that we are able to visit Umang again and that the project will continue to be developed by specialized supervisors and volunteers. For us, Umang is a place where the residents have got a home.