Sonal Bhatia

Senior Manager at Commtel Networks

Commtel as an organization has always strived to be a holistic entity. We are equally passionate about our professional and social commitments and go the extra mile to achieve desired results.

Our efforts to make a difference in the lives of children and the elderly, also the tenets on which Commtel Foundation was formed, saw us reaching the shores of Umang. Our association with Umang – a home away from home – for a few special needs and differently-abled children is now into its 7th year and we have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Our yearly visits to celebrate the Birthdays of three children – Sujit, Bittoo and Payal was as much about celebration as it was about learning and understanding that aspect of life which is seldom addressed in our day to day lives.

Umang is truly a home which takes special care of its residents, a close knit family which eats and stays together, witnessing the changing seasons of life with each passing year. With age they learn the ropes of making themselves self-reliant through various life building and nurturing activities. We are proud to be associated with Umang on a common platform of selfless service and contribution towards betterment of children’s lives and the society. We will continue our efforts to support Umang in every possible way and help it reach its goal of supporting children in their search of a meaningful, purpose driven, independent life.