Rosa Mol

December 2015 to February 2016

My name is Rosa Mol and I am from the Netherlands. Around 2 years ago I went to Umang where I worked and lived for 3 months. Working there taught me a lot. It is a real enrichment of my total being.
Back home, I also work with people who are mentally and/or psychically disabled. To see and experience the same job in such a different country was very interesting. It showed my how extremely developed we are and how good we know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Maybe this is because I had something to compare it with, what otherwise never gets seen. Back home we don’t realize this and just doing our job the best as we can.
Like they do it at Umang as well, the best as they can. And that is something that seems so beautiful to me. Two places, so different, and yet, so the same. We just want to create the best place for the residence and give them to most valuable life possible.
It was definitely not only easy and fun. Sometimes is was very hard and difficult.
The big differences of culture, language, and the way of working and approaching people. I did feel alone there sometimes, even knowing they are my family.
And it was hard to really get to change something permanently. But without challenges you won’t learn.
I’m very happy for everything I could do there for them and what they gave to me. I’m so thankful I had to experience this and that I am still part of the Umang family. They were so welcoming to me right from the beginning. I definitely felt like home and I still do. That’s so beautiful about Umang.
I just come back from a trip to India and off course I visited them. This was the main reason for me to go to India. This time I went with my mom, to also show her my Indian family. I wanted to see my Indian pariwar (family) again and show them and tell them how much I still care. It felt good to be back, still the same actually, if I was there yesterday. I was so happy to see them and they were so happy to see me and meet my mom. It felt very wonderful.

I hope and I know I will see them again. And I will never forget any of it.
Kind regards and much love.