Lakshmanan Ramakrishnan

Ayyappan Group

Kudos to Sulochana (Sulu) madam and her spirited team for literally building a wonderful home from scratch! Sulu Madam’s passion and enthusiasm at her age would put younger adults to shame!
We, the Ayyappan group, known endearingly to the Umang’s special family as “bandook uncles”, have been a witness to a vision becoming a reality despite many odds. Now it is a great home, catering to the development needs of the young adults, giving them a sense of self respect, pride, making them more independent, apart from teaching them to coexist with love in a large diverse group as brothers and sisters. Umang means zeal, undying passion to achieve. True to its name, both Sulochana madam’s team and the Umang residents display ‘Umang’ in abundant measure. Everytime one visits, one sees growth! We are fortunate to be treated as a part of the Umang family. God Bless Umang!! May there be many more successful milestones in this wonderful journey of life called Umang!!