We, Birgitta and Leo has visited Umang a Home beyond a Home two times (2014 & 2017).
Our first visit was as volunteers in a group of 13 persons, the second visit was mostly as a donor.
Each time we felt very welcome.
The residents and staff were always very nice, helpful, and cooperative.
The caring of the staff for the residents was a pleasure to see and also the passionate work ethic of Sulu was for us a very valuable experience.
It is great to be a part of the Umang family and an honour to contribute to the development of a better and valuable life for all the residents.
The development of this community is very special to see, the quality of life for all residents is drastically improving and following the process of continuous improvements is lovely for us.
The living conditions of the Special Residents, for example the new kitchen is contributing to a better and improved life.
We are following the development very closely and every time we receive an image or information from Umang it is a pleasure to see and to read about this lovely family.
It would be a pleasure and high honour to visit all our friends once again.