Worldchildren Welfare Trust India

Worldchildren Welfare Trust India (WWTI), is a registered not-for-profit NGO that came into existence in February 1984

Allow children to be happy in their own way

Umang is a one of a kind care-farm

Umang is a one-of-a-kind care-farm for the differently-abled children who grew up in Bal Anand.

“I started Worldchildren Welfare Trust India (WWTI) in 1984, first and foremost, because I love children. It broke my heart to see so many innocent children growing up without the love and support of a family to call their own. Adoption work became my life and has given me a lot of professional and personal happiness and satisfaction. We at WWTI believe that every child has the right to a family and deserves the opportunity of a safe and stable childhood, which is the foundation of a responsible adulthood.”


We have three residential homes across Maharashtra working to receive, shelter and nurture destitute, abandoned, relinquished, and orphaned children. Our fourth is a permanent residential home and care-farm for adults with special needs.

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Rene & Diny Pouwete

A very impressive organization. Our students can learn a lot. They do great job. It is good to see you have such a heart for these children. In the future we look forward to sent students again to Bal Anand and that we can work together.Thank you for all your work.

Avans Hogeschool, Netherlands

Mr. Rahul Sharma

Personally, it was a very humbling & excellent opportunity to know about the good work which Bal Anand is carrying out; something about which CARA is too aware of. I would like to wish all of you the very best for the zeal & dedication to carry on with the wonderful and noble work of Child & Adoption.

(Research Investigator) Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

R.S. Pawar

Well managed placement agency with up-to-date record. Facilities provided are admirable. Mentally Retarded children have been provided with good facilities. Good Institute.

Section Officer Women & Child Dev. Dept., Mantralaya, Mumbai.

Kalawati Vengeer

This trip was about to find my roots. Sulu and Bal Anand certainly helped me to find some answers. Thanks for your hospitality and all the best for you the children and Umang.You are great and I’m very thankful for being adopted and to have this opportunity.

Chairperson Anjali Gokaran, Priti Shah, Mr. A.S. Wankhede

Chairperson & members of JWB Board, visited the institution, we found it is model institution & renders excellent humanitarian services to the children, give them love, affection & care.

Juvenile Welfare Board Mrinalini sathe

Viju B

By far the best orphanage in the city; in terms of cleanliness, caring and infrastructure. Keep up the good work. All the best!

Reporter, Mid-Day

Manish Pati Tripathi

The Agency is dealing with Orphan Children along with some mentally challenged children. Children are kept in healthy environment. Overall functioning is good.

Asst. Director - CARA

S.P. Singh

It was a pleasant surprise to visit Bal Anand – a highly professional & extra ordinarily well maintained staff. The work done for mentally retarded children is especially commendable. Please keep it up!

Secretary, Women  & child Welfare, Govt. of A.P, Hyderabad.

Sarmistha Nanda

This has been my first fieldwork placement. It was a big window for me to look at life; professionally as well as personally. Bal Anand does not need a lot of words to be said about it; it’s a “home” and as they say, learning begins at home. My learning has really started at Bal Anand.

Trainee Social Worker (TISS)

Mary Paul

I must say that Bal Anand literally bowled me over. This is indeed a unique ‘Home’ where happy children and committed staff make it truly BAL ANAND! All the very best!!!